Quality Assurance

Maintaining strong levels of service is critical to for any ground transportation program, and the ability to measure service levels is paramount to the overall program. We utilize a number of quality control systems and advanced reporting technologies to ensure that our service personnel provide best-in-class service to all of our clients. With any of these systems, we will always measure our performance against our high internal standards and those set by the client.

Measuring Responsiveness

In addition to direct supervision and call monitoring, we use a number of telephone and reservation system reporting technologies to ensure that our reservation agents continue to provide best–in-class service to our clients.

Direct Account Supervision

Account supervisor responsibilities include maintaining and enhancing the quality of service through coaching, counseling, performance monitoring and agent on-the-job training; ensuring that standards and goals meet objectives; supervising daily performance activities; and providing reservation agents resources, tools and support necessary to successfully meet and exceed performance goals.

Call Monitoring

All reservation agents are periodically monitored by their supervisors. Monitoring results are provided to the agents within 24 hours. Agents then meet with their supervisors to discuss the results. Managers focus on areas of potential concern, provide valuable on-the-spot employee coaching and counseling, and point out areas of strength as well as those requiring improvement.

Client Feedback

Areion Global is committed to providing world class service to our ultimate clientele – your travelers. We use a variety of direct client feedback channels to ensure that your travelers are completely satisfied with our travel services.

Traveler Satisfaction Surveys

Regular surveys of our client base evaluate and address all areas of client service. We have executed an online survey tool to measure traveler perception of key service elements such as phone responsiveness, low-fare attainment, on-time performance, emergency service and ability to obtain special requests. We can also track items of special interest to each client. The survey results will be returned to your account manager for analysis then presented to you.

Service Concern Reports

Whenever a traveler calls into a reservations office with a concern, a service concern report is entered and routed directly to a client services manager. This individual is responsible for promptly resolving the issue directly with the client.

Measuring Performance in the Industry

Travel and business environments are in constant flux. With that in mind, we will consistently monitor our performance against industry standards and trends to ensure that we are ready to promote and handle any changes that will affect our clients.