Why is Areion Global Right For Me

Is Areion Global Right For Me?

The selection process we go through when deciding who will transport our families, friends, colleagues or even when we travel solo is one that should be taken seriously and carefully. “How do I know this chauffeur is experienced?” or “I don’t know the person or their history, how can I be sure we will be in good hands?” may be some of the questions you ask, and many more. It is imperative that you gather the most information about a company before you take steps to further your relationship with them. Roy Disney said, “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are”. We know are values. Below you will find that we not only care about you, but your time and finances as well.
Some factors involved in making a great decision regarding your ground transportation, few people think of. We went ahead and thought of them for you.

  • Incident Tracking
  • Areion Global’s Chauffeurs
  • Global Affiliates – Selection and Safety Requirements
  • Auto Dispatcher
  • STC (Surface Transportation Charge)

Incident Tracking

Our clients are the reason we exist. We strive and hope to boast a flawless resume but the fact is that we do miss it sometimes and incidents do occur. We hold ourselves accountable to each other here at Areion Global, as well as with our clients.
In the Technology section of our site, you read about the GGA (Global Ground Automation) we utilize and all of the key systems included. Within this system and apart of every reservation is an incident tracker. If any incidents occur, they are attached to the reservation and must be dealt with before we can even close the ride out. It is our priority that incidents are spoken about, resolved and prevented from reoccurring. No matter how small; perhaps our chauffeur is picking up at an airport and is waiting at the downstairs Arrival level but should have gone to the upstairs Departure level, it is logged. We want your experience to be excellent and it is our job to ensure this happens. Our goal is to serve you and that is exactly what you deserve.

An Areion Global Chauffeur

The chauffeurs employed by Areion Global work to serve you in excellence. They are certified and always up to date on changes within the industry. Our chauffeurs are committed towards the improvement of the team. Their dedication rings true in the level of ownership that each chauffeur displays while taking care of our clients and vehicles. We offer a service bar none, due in part to these men and women. Our chauffeurs are trained professionals, dressed to the nines and available when you need them.

Global Affiliates

Areion Global and our affiliates are one in the same. Areion Global chooses to work with the best in the industry, as it should be with any other company, but this is simply not true. Where others fall short, we stand strong in our commitment to you no matter where you are in the world. Our affiliates have been chosen because of their standards of excellence and proven track record. Areion Global’s reputation has attracted the best in the industry and we have been approached by them to serve as an affiliate in their networks. In becoming an affiliate, we have promised to return the same service we expect from our affiliates. Our clients always come first and will receive the best service possible. The primary reason an affiliate is selected is based on their performance and excellent service within our industry; always equaling our high standards. Here are a few other important points we look for: professionalism, safety records, prompt service, accounting accuracy, and quality of the fleet. Affiliate companies must conform to all local, state, municipal and federal requirements. All permits must be kept current.

Auto Dispatcher?

Auto Dispatcher is used by some ground transportation companies. Is this a good thing? Auto Dispatcher “automatically” dispatches reservations to chauffeurs rather than relying on a live human being to discern the rides awaiting dispatch. Where is the vehicle? Who is driving the vehicle? When will the ride be complete? This system leads to unnecessary errors and sometimes crucial mistakes. There are factors that come into play when dispatching, that a computer will not catch. When a chauffeur drops off and the ride is over, a computer will base the next decision on when that chauffeur is available, rather than their current location and proximity to the next client. For example, a chauffeur may become available 45 minutes away from the next client and he/she will be dispatched on that reservation. A minute later, another chauffeur completes a ride and the vehicle becomes available only 5 minutes away from that same client but he/she will not be sent on that reservation. Areion Global’s Live Dispatchers ensure that your time and money is used wisely as well as our chauffeurs, efficiently and effectively. Areion Global does not use Auto Dispatching. You will find us here 24/7, ready to serve you!

STC (Surface Transportation Charge(s)

Areion Global has no hidden costs or in other words, STC’s (Surface Transportation Charges). Some ground transportation companies charge clients an STC which is a surcharge based upon various overhead expenses. It is a variable number that is usually not included in the estimate you are given for your transportation. This means that you may be charged anywhere from an additional 10% to 18% for various reasons. Areion Global does not charge an STC. We will always tell you exactly what we are charging so you do not have to be concerned with hidden costs. If you are dealing with a ground transportation company that charges an STC, we recommend you speak with them about how it will impact your bill.