What Sets Us Apart

Through our extensive experience, we have found that a systematic and strategic approach to account management yields the greatest cost savings as well as overall satisfaction for chauffeured services. Our high value program is measurably different from the imaginary or one-size-fits-all customer service programs that have been traditionally offered in the marketplace.

Our core offering supports each client’s corporate culture and organizational initiatives including policy, safety, traveler satisfaction, cost and environmental requirements. Our account managers follow a disciplined system and provide fully tailored, yet simple road maps for satisfying each client’s unique needs. There are 5 steps in our approach:

  • Analyze your current program, vehicle preferences and service requirements.
  • Identify and evaluate opportunities for improvement.
  • Recommend the most advantageous chauffeured transportation options.
  • Create & implement a flexible program road map based on client goals.
  • Monitor the program and continuously improve.

The results are supported by integration of our technology and services. This focused and continuous process creates actionable and measurable results by:

  • Enhancing overall traveler safety, security and comfort.
  • Increased policy compliance and greater control over daily procedures.
  • Uncovering hidden fees, overcharges and waste that can significantly increase costs.
  • Streamlining billing processes and eliminating expensive and unnecessary administrative procedures.
  • Proactive guidance for integrating technologies that enhance the well-being, productivity and security of travelers.
  • Presenting a single point of contact for swift resolution of service and communication issues.
  • Improved transparency and visibility into transactions and overall program performance.
  • Expanding employee communication and reservation options.
  • Globalization and program consolidation

By linking this approach with our industry-leading technology, we empower our clients with world-class ground transportation solutions. We ensure open communication, education of best practices and contribution of measurable value to our partnerships. Our commitment to this powerful process demonstrates the Areion Global difference.